Registrar Office

The Registrar acts as the Operations Manager of the college. This office provides leadership in the delivery of all administrative services in facilitating the core business of the college. The office is the hub of all operational services in regard to the academic and general administration as well as human resource management and student welfare services.

The Registrar’s office coordinates, monitors and evaluates the implementation of policies, strategies, procedures and regulations for academic and general administration in human resource management and student welfare. The office is also secretariat of statutory and ad hoc committees from which college decisions emanate. The Registrar provides overall leadership to all administrative personnel. This office coordinates the work in various sectors of the college, including the cafeteria, the maintenance section, the college clinic, the security section, the transport office, halls of residence, and central registry.


The office of the registrar has four immediate subsections. These include

  • the office responsible for academic affairs,
  • the office responsible for human resource management and development,
  • the office responsible for administrative issues, and
  • the office responsible for student welfare.

Academic Affairs

The academic affairs office is responsible for matters dealing with student tuition. It acts as the main registry or storage of records related to academic affairs. It oversees student examination and assessment, and acts as the custodial office for examination question papers and scripts. It also handles external examination logistics.

Human Resource and Management

The human resource and management office houses records to do with staff employment. This is also the office responsible for staff welfare.


The administration office oversees the daily running of a number of crucial sectors of the college, including transportation and facilities. It is therefore the office responsible for security and maintenance of college infrastructure.

Student Welfare

The student welfare office houses records of students, and implements student welfare services in liaison with the Dean of Students. This is also the office responsible for providing administrative services for postgraduate students.