Alumni Registration


Chancellor College has introduced major changes in recent times which have touched on the core aspects of academic, research, community outreach and student life with further improvements being envisaged. To this end, the College is aware that conceptualization and implementation of these transformations cannot be complete without the full participation of its esteemed alumni. We therefore welcome all our alumni to participate fully in the affairs of this prestigious institution which is the pride of our Nation. The first step to actualize this is to know the whereabouts of our alumni and the various activities they are doing. To this end, we have developed a very brief form requesting you our distinguished alumni to provide us with your details that will facilitate our communication and interaction with you. As a way of reaching to you our alumni and consolidating our partnership, we will upon completion of the form send you your academic transcript promptly. This will be sent to the address which you will provide on the form through Malawi Post Office or you may write to advise on the alternative means of collection.